What is #FAWCup? Why I should participate? What value I gain from it?

Fire Artist’s World Cup since 2015

Fire Artist’s World cup was started in 2013 by Fire Theater group Kelfirius in Tallinn under the name “Eesti TuleArtistide Võistlus” Which stands for Estonian Fire Artists Competition.

Since that time people from closest countries such as Latvia, Finland, Sweden started participating and for obvious reasons we no longer could call our event Estonian Fire Artist’s Competition – since some participants were from abroad.

For a while we called it just Fire Artist’s Competition but after giving it some thought – we decided to make one name that stays and does not change any more. So, we started thinking how best to name our event.

Suggestions were:

  • Baltic Fire Artist’s Competition
  • Euro Fire Cup
  • International Fire Competition
  • Fire Artist’s World Cup
  • And many other silly ideas…

Since people who were attending were already from outside the Baltic Countries, we had to think bigger and more future oriented. After discussions and voting the result was clear: Fire Artist’s World Cup. And let’s be Honest – It’s also sweet to call it #FAWCup. /as a Favourite Cup to have/



Some reasons why it was chosen as Fire Artist’s World Cup:

  • Fire: Word Fire brings self-information that the most important is the presence of real open fire in the performance/choreography and that artist who is on stage is somehow or closely related to Fire Arts.
  • Artist: Word Artist Is there to represent that Participant should think not only about perfectly executing technical side of his performance but also about Body language, Costume, telling and creating story with his/her performance, Being more theatrical and using acting skills.
  • World: World is here to play important role and instantly let everyone know that Competition is open for anyone no matter which country or part of the world he/she is from.
  • Cup: Word Cup is there for two reasons. We thought that it would be really interesting and honourable to Make a beautiful Traveling Cup, which goes from winner to winner with all previous winner’s names on it as a memorial and timeline of Brave people who participated and brought fun and inspiration for next generations of artists and people who raise the bar and standards each year. Second reason was to let people know that it is not a Convention where people gather together in a camp but it is more of preparing a Show with given topic and making one big awesome spectacle all together.


In last year or two we started to get some negative feedback that we are making Competition of something as pretty as Fire Arts and Circus – That we are ruining some last untouched Unicorn. But in reality, there are no such areas left where people wouldn’t create some competitive events, which are actually a big driving force behind the whole activity and this competition is by far not the first one. In modern history, we can clearly see them dating as far back as 1946. Also, these statements are made with no information about the event or idea that drive it.


The idea is this: we are here to Bring awesome inspired people together, give them a chance to inspire others and share their vision. For this, each year we choose a theme to see who will come up with the best interpretation, story or strongest memorable show inspired by this topic. You as participant or Viewer can also send your proposed topic to fawcup@etal.ee to be randomly chosen for coming year.

It is to raise quality and to raise the bar for most awesome experience for the audience, to see the greatest show in the world and to bring awareness of such culture as Fire Art.

Another very important point of this event is to shine the spotlight onto Choreographers who sometimes are left behind the scenes.

At the same time, we understand that people are different and this event is not meant for everyone. So, if you are not interested, stay calm and let others decide for themselves.

With that in mind, we created 3 main categories where people with different styles tactics and lifestyles can participate:

  • Solo (The main category with traveling Cup, Title and extra add-ons)
  • Group (Since 2016 maximum allowed performers 4)
  • King of Improvisation (first introduced in 2016 and turned out to be the most fun, exciting and engaging especially for the audience)

The add-on prize that the “Winner” gets in the solo competition (changes from year to year) is only a bonus that we as organizers try to give basically from our own pockets as admiration for passion, great work, effort and inspiration that you give us.

But remember – The best that you get from this is Experience and positive vibes from people around either other performers, people who come to watch you or our international volunteer support team who work with us to make it all possible.

This is never about the Money, Title, or any other selfish advantage or profit.

In the end of the day – We want Happiness and Cheers. Bringing together talented people who light up the dark and cold time of the year. You can call this event any words you please as long as it fills you from inside and makes our lonely world a better, happier place.



Participation is what counts, and Shapes you.