FAWCup2017 update January

FAWCup 2017:

FAW Cup is a competition (not a camp or convention). Grown up and independent artists come here to show their level and skills. Typically we do not offer any food or accommodation, but we host the event. In case of artists coming from abroad we can help them by finding a hotel/hostel, book it, find info they need, answer questions, sometimes write official letters for them to get compensation/support from their country or government, sometimes we help with preparing visas or making invitations for countries that require visas and such.

Some positive sides and bonuses for 2017.
– this year the event is held in a unique, prized and touristic location = the Viking’s village.
– at the same time there will be international Viking’s winter camp and people who will arrive earlier or stay there will have possibility to join their workshops (leather, metal, other crafts and arts).
– after the event we host a dinner for artists and judges (no extra fee)
– we choose our judges very carefully, there is usually someone with extensive background in theatre, in Fire arts, in dance and other performing arts. Their input and opinions are extremely valuable and usually artists like to talk to them and ask their opinions after the event
– our events are also usually visited by international organisers of festivals and events, who always keep their eyes open for new interesting artists. It’s also a spot for photographers and press representatives.
– only for our performing artists and their families we offer the opportunity to stay over night at this amazing location at a reduced price.
– there will also be sauna available in the evenings
– there is also possibility to make fireplaces and cook food on fire

Good luck to all brave competitors!
Amazing winter adventure awaits!